About Swaziland 

Swaziland is a beautiful country slightly smaller
than the state of New Jersey, ruled by sub-Saharan Africa's last absolute monarch. It is a kingdom of approximately one million warm and friendly people…who are dying at an astonishing rate.

The Swazis have the highest rate of AIDS/HIV in the entire world. Estimates range anywhere from 25-40% of the population suffering from this horrific disease. Not one person, young or old, is unaffected. Children lose parents; parents lose children. Families lose brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. Communities lose teachers and doctors, farmers and pastors. The median age in this devastated nation is 20.5 years. The number of orphans is estimated at over 96,000. The lucky ones are able to live with extended family members. Often times these family members may be teenage brothers or sisters who become the heads of households. Many children have no one at all to care for them, and become vulnerable not only to starvation and disease, but also to unscrupulous human predators.

In addition to the scourge of AIDS, 69% of the country’s people are below the poverty line, surviving on less than $1.25 U.S. a day. Women are especially vulnerable. Unemployment is at 40%.

Swaziland is considered a Christian nation though much of the belief system is intermingled with indigenous ancestral worship and animism.


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